About Us

Who we are?


GreenPoint Consulting Group (GreenPoint)   is a Consulting Firm with highly skilled professionals. We have offices in Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico. We have been in business for almost a decade and we have served large and complex organizations in different type of industries in the areas of: Information Protection, Risk Management, Business Continuity Management, Audit & Compliance Management, and Business Process Improvement 

Why GreenPoint?


GreenPoint Management Team are former KPMG LLP and Deloitte LLP Senior Professionals with more than 15 years delivering these type of services.

GreenPoint has also served major industries such as: Government (U.S., Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands), Finance & Banking, Health Care (including Medicare Advantage), Technology, Retail, Insurance, Energy and others.

A Trusted Advisor!


We separate from our competition with proven methodologies and offering consistent high quality services at very competitive rates.  

Our values are clear: 

Provide consistent high quality services; 

Trust, commitment, responsibility and; 

The relentless pursuit of excellence